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How To Destroy a CD:

are a lot of different reasons for wanting to destroy a CD. Maybe it's
a crappy band like U2, or a CD that you burned with stuff that you
don't want anyone to see on it, either way, you don't want that CD to
ever be played again. Here we will outline several methods for doing
this, all work equally well, but some are more intense than others.
Intensity will be rated using the internationally accepted intensity
scale of Vin Diesels (1-5 Vin Diesels: the more Vin Diesels, the more

1) Microwave It: Put the CD in the
microwave until it starts to crack and spark and stuff. Watch it for a
second, and then turn off the microwave.

Intensity Rating:

2) Shoot It: Get a gun and pump it full of lead. A shotgun, handgun, rifle, or BB gun will work.

Intensity Rating:

3) Break It: Put it in a newspaper or t-shirt and snap it in half. Do it in your bare hands if you are super manly.

Intensity Rating:

4) Put a Warning on It:
Okay, so it isn't quite destroyed, but if your warning is good enough,
we guarantee that no one will use it. Ours said “Warning: Trying To Use
This CD Will Result In Infertility”.

Intensity Rating:

5) Scratch It: Scratch it, a lot. Make sure that it is really scratchy. You can even get creative with it (we didn't).

Intensity Rating:

6) Disguise It: This is another one that doesn't really destroy it, we were just in the mood for drawing a mustache on something.

Intensity Rating:

7) Burn It: Incinerate it with your flamethrower.

Intensity Rating:

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How To Make a Flour Grenade:

1) Get a napkin and spread it out. Lay it down on a flat surface.

2) Put about two cups of flour (500 ml if you're foreign), into the center of the napkin.

3) Gather all four corner of the napkin and attach them using a rubber band.

4) Throw at your desired victim and laugh.

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Kaip pasidaryti fontaną su kokokolos buteliu ir mentospastilėmis.

How To Make a Mentos/Diet Soda Fountain:

1) Get a two-liter bottle of soda. We found that Diet Coke works better than anything else.

2) Get a pack of Mentos, the mint kind.

3) Make a paper tube that is the same diameter as the Mentos.

4) Put an index card under the tube, and fill the tube with Mentos.

5) Open the two-liter bottle.

6) Put the tube with the flashcard under it on top of the two-liter bottle and align the tube with the opening in the bottle.

7) Quickly remove the flashcard so that all of the Mentos fall into the two-liter bottle at once, and get out of the way.

8) Watch.

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Kaip taisyklingai išmesti kortą.

How To Throw a Playing Card:

1) Find a good card. The plastic coated ones work best.

2) Put the arm you plan to throw with in front of you, with your elbow bent at a ninety degree angle.

3) Grip the card with your thumb and ring finger, and place your index finger on the corner furthest away from your hand.

4) Bend your wrist so that the card is closest to you.

With one solid movement, snap your wrist in a frisbee-throw type of
motion and release the card at the peak of this movement. Do not use
your elbow.

6) At the moment of release, push your index finger back towards your hand, which should spin the card.

7) The card should not travel fast, but most of its movement should come with the spin.

8) After enough practice, this technique should be able to pierce paper, fruits, skin, and even drywall.

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Kaip pasidaryti Termitą

How To Make Thermite:

I am not going to tell you guys what thermite is, or what you can do
with it. Just do a Google search and you'll find tons of sites telling
you a bunch of uses for it. I will however, tell you how to make the

Obtaining the Aluminum

1) Go to a machine shop. They will usually give you aluminum powder for sweeping the floor or something.

2) Break open an Etch-A-Sketch, the stuff inside is pure aluminum powder.

3) Go to a paint store, they usually have powdered aluminum that people use to mix into paints to give it pigment.

Get a grinder, and something made of aluminum. Good ideas are soda
cans, bike frames, and lacrosse sticks. Start grinding the aluminum and
collect the sparks in a container.

5) Search eBay, they sell it for pretty cheap.

Obtaining the Iron Oxide (Rust)

1) Take
some steel wool then put it in a jar and then cover it wool with water.
Use a magnet to make sure the steel wool doesnt float during the
reaction process. Next, put in 5 tablespoons of regular bleach into the
water and 5 tablespoons of regular vinager. Wait a day or so and then
filter the brown paste with a coffee filter. Leave it out to dry

2) Go to a paint store, they usually have powdered iron oxide that people use to mix into paints to give it pigment.

Connect wires to a direct current (9-volt battery), strip both ends and
put them into a saltwater solution. Let them sit for five minutes. One
of them will start bubbling more than the other. This is the
POSITIVE(+) wire. Put a nail tied to the positive wire into the jar.
Now put the negative wire in the other end. Now let it sit overnight
and in the morning scrape the rust off of the nail & repeat until
you have a bunch of rust on the bottom of the glass. Let it dry out,
and crush it into a powder.

4) Search eBay, they sell it for pretty cheap.

Mixing the Stuff

is 8 grams of iron oxide to 3 grams of aluminum. The formula is by
weight but because aluminum is very light, it will appear to be
approximately a 50-50 mix. Put them together in a container and mix
them until it is an even mixture. If you want, mix four parts thermite
with one part clay or Play-Doh and knead thoroughly for moldable


needs a lot of heat to light, that means magnesium. Find some magnesium
ribbon, or a sparkler that contains magnesium and put it into a pile of
thermite. Light it with a torch, and run!

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